Air Conditioning Services In Alpharetta, GA

Air Conditioning Services In Alpharetta, GA and Surrounding Areas

During use, your cooling system gathers dust and dirt, which prevents it from functioning effectively. It is essential to service your air conditioner to ensure problem-free functioning, regardless of whether you have a window air conditioner or a split air conditioning system. Missing out on AC maintenance can lead to several issues with the cooling system, including water leaks, ineffective cooling, bad odor, strange noise, and more.

AC repair in Alpharetta, GA ensures that the entire air conditioner is functioning properly and that there are no issues inside your system. But before calling for help, let’s understand how an effective air conditioning service operates.

How to Provide a Good Service to your AC?

  • Removing the Damaged Air Filters

An air filter gathers an incredible quantity of dirt and grime during use. Issues like ice development, inadequate cooling, etc., are caused by dirty air filters in the air conditioning system. The technician cleans and washes the air filter and condenser fins during the AC maintenance Alpharetta, GA and removes any fungus or dirt formulated on the system.

  • Examine and Fix Electrical Components

Technicians examine electrical connections to ensure that they are functioning safely. Examining and fixing electrical components increases the longevity of your heating and cooling system. Additionally, routine maintenance of an air conditioner aids in quickly identifying any electrical concerns, thus preventing any hazard.

  • Examine and Clear the Condensation Drain Line

Clearing the condensate pipe, you may ensure that your air conditioner can drain liquid condensate effectively. Water leaks and other issues with moisture and dampness can result from clogged drains. Condensate drain cleanings also remove mold and bacteria along your drain line. Air conditioner repair in Alpharetta also helps you fix or change any leaking condensate drain lines you might have to avoid further damage.

  • Examine the Air Conditioner’s Refrigerant Level

When the amount of coolant (Freon) is insufficient, the temperature of the cooling coil falls significantly below normal, and your air conditioner stops cooling. Thus, the technician inspects the cooling or evaporator coils’ coolant levels as part of the AC service and ensures whether the air conditioning is cooling effectively or not.

  • Complete Inspection

During AC service, the AC specialist examines a unit’s major parts, including the fan motor, compressor, evaporator unit, condenser unit, and thermostat, and does a complete 360-degree inspection to look for any defects. A professional of air conditioning repair in Alpharetta, GA recommends a repair or replacement as necessary, if any faults are discovered in the components during the air conditioner service.

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To achieve the best performance possible from your air conditioning system, it is recommended that you get it thoroughly inspected at least twice a year. Breakdowns won’t affect your comfort if you prioritize routine care for your air conditioning system.

A one of the top HVAC companies in Alpharetta, GA, Cool Now Solutions offers top-notch air conditioning services. Our team of experts gives you the most thorough inspection reports so you can choose wisely regarding your cooling system.

We are just a click away if you require any emergency HVAC service. Get in touch with us whenever you encounter any HVAC emergency and get it resolved instantly.

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